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STEP 1 – Get your team together

Pull together a team of 2 or more participants to take on the R3 Challenge. ROW, RUN or RIDE your way to your goal distance to raise awareness and funds to support Te Whakaora’s work with vulnerable South Auckland families.


STEP 2 – Set your goal distance

Decide as a team whether you will take on the 100km, 50km or 25km R3 Challenge (you can do more if you choose). Remember this event is designed with young families in mind, so with the family/team challenge, you take the total combined distance covered by all team members to achieve your goal. Below are a couple of examples of how families can complete their R3 challenge:

Example 1 (individual distance goals):
40km - Mum (ride)
30km - Dad (row, run, ride)
10km - Sam (ride)
10km - Lucy (ride)
10km - Great Grandma (row) = 100km R3 Challenge

Example 2 (same distance goals):
10km - Dad (run)
10km - Mum (ride)
10km - Sam (ride, run)
10km - Lucy (ride, run)
10km - Great Grandma (row) = 50km R3 Challenge


STEP 3 – Choose your “R” disciplines

Next, decide how you're going to “R” your way towards your goal. Decide how many disciplines you want to complete the challenge with, and whether your team members do the same disciplines or pick one each.

Remember, there is heaps of flexibility, so you’re welcome to come up with your own “R” disciplines.


STEP 4 – Choose your fundraising goal

There is no entry fee for teams to take part in the challenge, but we ask that you commit to raising a minimum of $250 per team member. We recommend a fundraising target of $1,000 per team member as a challenging total.


STEP 5 – Register your family/team

Once you’ve got your team together, decided on your distance, “R” disciplines and fundraising goal, you’re all set to register your team for the R3 challenge and set up your fundraising page. Click here to get started.


STEP 6 – Get fundraising!

Once your team’s fundraising page is set-up, you can start reaching out to your friends, family members, neighbours and colleagues. Click here for a bunch of tips to help you with your fundraising.

REMINDER: This is the R3 “Challenge”, so make sure you choose the right combination of distance and disciplines to really challenge yourselves. The tougher your challenge, the easier it will be for you to impress your sponsors and raise more money for this great cause!









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